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Safety and Efficacy
SAFETY : PowerPol¢ç is a safe choice for patients for penile girth enhancement.

The result of clinical test of the PowerPol¢ç done by the Clinical Research Institute
of the Seoul National University Hospital in Korea showed no complications or abnormalities.
The test also confirmed that new coria were generated on the transplanted area.

The clinical test done by the two Sacred Heart Hospitals, Kangdong and Kangnam in Korea,
showed no serious abnormalities. No severe fluctuations or changes in examination values
or figures in association with PowerPol¢ç were found in vitality indication test, physical test,
and analysis result of the laboratory examination.
CLINICAL EFFICACY : PowerPol¢ç achieved more than 88% efficacy in penile enlargement.
  According to various clinical tests targeting patients who need penile enlargement surgery,
the efficacy rate is 88.14%, and the patients¡¯ satisfaction rate was increased thereby.
(from the data of clinical tests done by the Kangdong and Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospitals
of the Hallym University in Korea.)
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